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Common Sense Astrology

Live Life Conciously Through Common Sense


Have you ever known a person, be it a relative, neighbor, class-mate, best friend, partner, one you felt safe sharing with, without hesitation? Yea, that’s me! I have lived a lifetime of others telling me I am that person! Beth W. here I am an intuitive who loves to read and interpret astrology charts and numbers. ​ In my career, I have a developed knack for navigating through charts and numbers with grace and understanding, and in a clear, concise and no BS manner. As a heads up - and ear muffs for the kids - I can swear. I will get right to the point and be very matter of fact with you. At the same time, I am guided by my soft side, aka intuition/gut/heart/spirit. ​ It is not uncommon for me to receive a “Holy Shit Beth!” response to an “AH-HA!!!” moment during a reading. It’s important to know that along with these reactions,, I hold space to listen and encourage you to communicate with me. It’s also important to know that you can share and feel safe. WE go from there.  It’s best we start with a natal (moment of birth) reading, to answer the Why? Who? What?  The How? When? Where? and With Who? Are separate, sequential readings. ​ If we are performing a With Who? (relationship) reading, and for integrity sake, the other person should be present (in-person or virtually) and be able to participate. If we are undergoing a relationship reading and you want to know more about your partner and they are not present, I can only speak in very general terms.   PLEASE know this, I truly love everyone…though I like dogs just a tiny bit more. That says it all. Come with an open mind, an open heart, or at least a mind or heart that’s willing to be opened and let’s get real as we talk through your reading and walk through your life path.


Common Sense Astrology is my traditional reading. It is a more in-depth,
detailed reading that’s 60 minutes long.

Your Life's Blueprint Reading

How We Get Along For The Better Reading


1 hour

What's Going On With Me Now, Potentially Coming in the Future


Solar Return/Birthday Reading




Common Sense Package of 2 separate readings

60 minutes for $390.00 prepaid

This Package Includes:

2 Separate Common Sense Readings


Common Sense Package of 3 separate readings

60 minutes for $590.00 Prepaid

This Package Includes:

3 Separate Common Sense Readings


Common Sense Package of 4 separate readings

60 minutes for $780.00 prepaid

This Package Includes:

4 Separate Common Sense Readings

When I tell you this has hands down been the best astrology and numerology reading I've ever had...I MEAN IT! Beth is as descriptive as it gets but also helps get a feel for where you are in life currently. During my appointment she had multiple charts printed out and pages worth of notes as well as observations that she did in her own time, specifically about me. Just by having multiple sources, whether that be visually or audibly, it helped me understand and retain the information I needed. She also enjoys listening and giving honest feedback regarding any inquiry. No stones are left untouched. Beth is such a down to earth individual who can connect with every person she comes across, which I admire. You can tell she cares deeply about her work and every connection that she cultivates. Overall, I would recommend Beth to any person inquiring knowledge on astrology, numerology, and spiritual guidance in general. ~Nolan Browder

Robb Walters

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