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Beth W

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I am Beth W., the Common Sense Astrologer.
I’ve loved astrology since I was young, grade school young. In high school and beyond, I would look at compatibility for my friends and their crushes. Since then, I've earned a bachelor’s degree, in two years, and worked for various worldwide advertising agencies with my clients being Fortune 500 companies. I happily moved around the country supporting their businesses. Then I took a gig to be William Shatner’s tour manager. It offered me the ability to travel and have a blast. I continued to do consulting work but felt something was missing, my true calling, insert Astrology. I’ve studied intensely for years, taking my studies to the next level through several professional astrology schools and organizations. I continue my education through workshops and mentorships, consistently.

My memberships include:

-OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers)

-NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)

-ISAR (International Study of Astrology Research) 

-I've completed an intensive Consulting and Ethics skills course through OPA.

-I've also completed a two-part course on Life Coaching for Astrologers through Kepler College 

Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. There are many other factors that come into play with your birth chart. My specialty is to synthesize the information for you. I break it down into practical bite size pieces that are really easy to understand and digest so you can apply it to your everyday life in hopes of making it easier and more purposeful.

Our initial work together will be a birth/natal chart reading, the moment you were born chart, which is your soul’s blueprint, why you're here and what promise you made before you were born. Then we can get into relationships, what’s happening now or potentially in the future and annual birthday readings.

I offer all the above in two formats. The first is a Down and Dirty approach where we discuss the nitty gritty, for those with a short attention span (aren’t we all now days?) and cover all the basics in 23 minutes and 45 seconds. This concept was developed to fit within any budget. 

The second is my traditional Common Sense Astrology reading which is a more in-depth,
detailed reading that’s 60 minutes long. Your choice!

I am also available for hire to do on-site readings such as birthday and holiday parties, corporate events, retreats, store openings, etc.

If you’re interested, e-mail me at By appointment only.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.



Beth W.

Common Sense Astrology, LLC
Certified and Licensed Astrologer

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