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I have created two concepts for my practice to offer you a choice for your reading. Both options provide you with a Common Sense approach to your astrological charts along with incorporating the magic of numbers / numerology. The premise, and my promise, will always be to analyze your astrological chart and “your” numbers in order to make it simple to understand, easy to grasp, where you can wholly apply the findings to your everyday life. No astrological jargon to confuse you rather Common Sense readings to empower you. See below for a quick overview of both options and then click on the link in order to book on either site.

Zodiac Chart
Zodiac Chart

Common Sense

Common Sense Astrology is a practical and no-nonsense approach to your astrological chart(s) and numbers that provides a more in-depth and greater detailed reading(s). We always start with the birth chart reading first - the moment you were born - your soul's blueprint - which is the most important part of you and your reason for being. Then we will focus on separate readings - in no particular order - your relationship charts, planet movement chart, and your yearly birthday chart. These readings each run 60 minutes in length.

Solar System

Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty Astrology was created for those who don't have a lot of time, might have a short attention span, or just want the nitty gritty/Cliff’s Notes version of their charts and numbers. These readings provide an affordable, no BS, direct approach that covers all the basics. Each reading lasts 23 minutes and 45 seconds starting with the birth chart reading - so you know, love and understand all parts of yourself first, then we can focus on separate readings - in no particular order - such as your relationship charts, planet movement chart, and your yearly birthday chart.


Braeden, Maryland

"Beth is amazing. Her reading was thorough and honest. She covered my strengths, vulnerabilities and even my blind spots. She helped me through all of my astrology questions and now I have a much better understanding of my natal chart. Thank you again for such an awesome breakdown." ~Braeden F.

Vanessa, Minnesota

"Beth is amazing! She was accurate, intuitive, very empathic and it helped me understand things I needed to clarify...if you are looking for answers and you need some help to understand more about your mission, yourself and how to overcome difficulties....give her a try you won't regret it." ~Vanessa D.

Maggie, Minneapolis

"Wow! What a game changer. Beth’s chart reading provided clarity on so many levels. She is insightful, compassionate, exudes tons of positive energy and dedication to her work. I highly recommend to get your chart read by her. It’s better than therapy."
~Maggie T.
Bare Trees in Fog

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